What We Do

The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary serves a region of desperate need. Northern New Mexico has a long history of neglect, ill-treatment and heedless overpopulation of animals. Many of the dogs and cats who come to us have been dumped in trash cans, dropped into roadside ditches or left at gas stations to fend for themselves.

We welcome visitors to the Sanctuary. We’re located in Glorieta, NM, a 20-minute drive from Santa Fe. Please call for an appointment; afternoons between Noon and 5pm are preferable. Call Natalie Owings at (505) 757-6817 for directions.

Adopting an animal who’s been abandoned or abused isn’t always easy. But the dogs and cats who live at The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary are well socialized. They get a lot of attention. They’re petted, played with, hugged, loved. They also learn to live in harmony with other animals. This can make them much more adoptable than rescued dogs and cats kept in cages and concrete cells.

Because we live with our animals, we come to know them well. This helps us find just the right family for each dog and cat who’s ready to be adopted.










Children visit the Sanctuary often, and are very sweet and loving towards our rescued puppies, hoping to comfort and socialize them.




And families who come to the Sanctuary to adopt can see for themselves how the animals behave and interact.

Humane Education
Over the years, thousands of school-age children have visited the Sanctuary. In our humane education classes they get hands-on experience with the animals. They hold the puppies, feed the chickens, feel the warm, nubbly back of a turkey’s head. Along the way, they learn important lessons about unconditional love, honesty, trust, loyalty and responsibility.

Now, with your financial assistance, we’ll be expanding this program to reach more children in more schools. And nature walks in the mountains encouraging children to understand and empathize with other creatures—to imagine what it’s like to be a squirrel, chipmunk, bird and rabbit.


If you work with school children and are interested in a field trip, just call Natalie at (505)757-6817 to make the easy arrangements.