Animal Stories

Danny Boy’s Story

A Trashed Puppy Comes Home

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a trashed puppy? Some living beings who are trashed are lost forever; others find their way to light at the end of the tunnel. They will all accept help along their lonely journey.

One afternoon some women found their way to the Sanctuary with a completely emaciated, frightened, white, young dog, maybe a year old. We came to name this youngster Danny, short for Danny Boy.

Such soft, longing dark brown eyes I had never seen. We carried Danny into our giant dog house nursery, a very comfortable, quiet spot where Danny could start, to recover from his year long struggle to survive outdoors. He was so thin he looked just like an orthopaedic model in a veterinary exam room.

Danny started eating; that was a start. He adored the food. He laid down on the soft bed, burrowing his nose into the warm blankets. He had never experienced blankets before, much less a bed.

I took Danny into the Smith Veterinary Hospital where he was neutered and examined by Mike Dobesh, DVM. Dr. Dobesh concluded that Danny had been severely damaged by starvation and might not be able to absorb nutrients properly. Dr. Dobesh did

an x-ray of Danny’s abdomen and described his intestines as “doughy.”

Clearly it was our job to care for Danny day by day with luscious foods, puppy formula, vitamins, cheese, scrambled eggs dripping in margarine and lots of treats.

After several months of care Danny is now the fastest runner on our daily dog walk, and very popular with the other Sanctuary dogs. His intestines are now soft and pliable.

He still gets all the luscious food he will eat and his vitamins. Danny has gained about 8 pounds, is thriving and oh so happy. He might always be thin but his energy, love of life and shining eyes are so rewarding.

If you find a lost puppy, or trashed young dog, don’t leave him there. You might be his last chance. He could be another Danny Boy, and become the love of your life.



Hit and Run

A wonderful, sweet dog. Both black legs and pelvis ware broken. This nice dog, Buddy, is one of many
intentional hit and run victims in New Mexico annually. The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary
rehabilitates as many as possible and finds good homes for them.

The veterinary medical costs for such a dog is from 1000 to 4000 dollars. Every one is a
sweet animal, deserving of a loving home. In this picture Buddy is only stabilized;
surgery followed a week of transfusions. Today, Buddy walks and has a good home.





Moosie’s Story


Moosie, who like so many dogs the Sanctuary rescues, needed immediatee medical treatment which saved his life. He is now a happy, healthy German Shepherd cross at the Sanctuary.




Bessie, a lovely young border collie mix, was the most severely abused dog we’d ever seen. She was found starving and hardly able to breathe because of the buckshot pellets in her chest. Yet as she struggled for life, she valiantly continued to nurse four tiny puppies.

We didn’t think she’d make it through the night. Two liters of fluid had to be drained from her lungs. But even in her darkest hours, she wagged her tail at the doctors trying to save her.
Bessie needed surgery: A portion of her liver had entered her chest. The operation was a success, but afterward she developed severe pneumonia. She was rushed to Albuquerque, where surgeons removed two lobes of one lung.
These 10 day-old puppies were found in a Northern New Mexico town, thrown in a dumpster inside a dog food bag with liquid poured on them to expedite their demise. They were rescued by the Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary along with several other litters of puppies in early January 2005.

How You Can Help
To be able to help more dogs like Oreo, Sadie, Hannah and Hopi, we must keep Bessie’s Fund constantly replenished. If you would like to donate to this restricted emergency medical fund, please make out your check to:

The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary
369 Montezuma Ave., #130
Santa Fe, N.M. 87501